The history of VIMA begins three generations ago in 1923 when MAZLOUMIAN BROS. found the first Work Shop in Thessaloniki at 1 Vatikiotou St. in the center of the city. Making use of the latest technology, Mazloumian Bros. provide complete services to companies in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece.

The years go by and World War II comes to an end. Raised in a family specialized in the art of metal machining, their descendant Vartan Mazloumian invests himself in the trade of hardware and construction materials. In 1956, he creates the company VIMA based at 1–3 Odysseos St in the heart of Thessaloniki’s business district.

Year after year, the company expands and moves to a new establishment located at 151 Monastiriou St. Vima gradually extends its activities to all of Northern and Central Greece, increasing its corporate network at a time when the country is becoming industrialized due to an economic boom.

By the early 1970s, Vartan Mazloumian is constantly traveling across Europe and realizes that the future belongs to the metal manufacturing industry, noticing the emergence of important factories all over the country.

As a result, he takes the crucial decision to redirect his company’s interests towards the trade of high quality metal working machines, cutting tools and measuring instruments.In a risky but visionary move, he travels to Japan and signs a distribution agreement, which constitutes the first of its kind in Greece.

The new products are met with great success in the metal manufacturing industry, which until then still relied on old traditional methods of production.Vartan Mazloumian safeguards the introduction of this new technology by organizing onsite demonstrations by specialists in the factories where his products are sold.

Considered by many as a pioneer in its field, Vima is constantly evolving, having grown with the addition of the founders’ sons Ioachim and Horen Mazloumian, which have enabled the company to open itself up to new horizons.

The electronic era has made a dramatic impact on the field of machining. The first CNC (computer numerical control devices) have been introduced in Greece. Following the basic principles laid out by its founding fathers: the import and trade of the highest quality goods, Vima is the first business to introduce the machinery of the Taiwanese company Victor Taichung into the market. Following on from the success of this contract, Vima is assigned the rights of exclusive distribution and technical support on the territories of Greece and Cyprus for the largest worldwide company of CNC machinery: Yamazaki Mazak, Japan.

In 1999, VIMA inaugurates its new establishments in Thessaloniki’s industrial zone, where it presents the latest technology in CNC machine tools on the floor of its 1600 m² showroom.
The company also sets up new distribution points in Volos (1992) and Athens. Among its clients, Vima lists numerous companies from Cyprus and the Balkan states.

In 2016,with the completion of 60 years of powerful presence in Greece,VIMA continues continues the expansion of its investment policies and the upgrade of its own shops when the third generation,sons of Joackim Mazloumian, Vartan Mazloumian and George Mazloumian actively enter the metal manufacturing world extending the company’s sales beyond the Greek boarders.VIMA is now miles ahead compared against other competitive metal distributors maintaining always in the first place the excellent customer service and satisfaction while the integrated services,innovation and technology have become synonym of VIMA.

The success of the company is based on a very simple yet important combination. Vima provides complete solutions for the client.

Possessing the necessary ''KNOW-HOW'' to manufacture final products, the company’s services extend from the sale of the appropriate machinery through to full technical support, enabling the satisfactory realization of the final product – a service only VIMA can provide in this field.